COVID-19 Procedures

As of March 01, 2022, the State of California recommends, but no longer requires, masks to be worn indoors. Blaze is happy to allow vaccinated clients to train without a mask. We will be monitoring State and County guidelines for any changes to the masking policy.
Blaze thanks our clients for upholding the current state requirement.

Here for your Health

Fitness can provide centeredness, structure and sanity in uncertain times. That’s why staying safely open for our Sonoma clients during COVID-19 is so important to us at Blaze Fitness Studios.

Unlike big membership gyms, our spacious private training facility affords us to keep our clients clean, safe, and away from the crowds. We have always, and will continue to, abide by CDC and California state guidelines as well as Sonoma County orders.

Whether you need virtual sessions to train at home, or you want to get away for a moment at our facility, you can be sure that Blaze is here for you.

What Blaze is doing to keep you safe:

  • We offer Virtual training sessions to all clients who prefer them.
  • Our staff are fully vaccinated and abide by the current masking policy.
  • We train no more than 1 client or small private group per suite (for a max of 2 concurrent training sessions in the facility), with more than enough space for social distancing.
  • We only take clients with proof of vaccination.
  • Clients abide by the current County/State guidance for face coverings. (see above)