I founded Blaze Fitness Studios in the Spring of 2021, after 8 years running my Sonoma-based personal training studio, SYNRG Fitness Training.  In my years working with clients, I’ve come to appreciate how powerful fitness is in improving people’s inner and outer lives. I strive to bring enthusiasm, humor, and novelty into my clients’ workout experience, and keep the training programs varied so that they are fun, challenging and effective. 

As a health provider, I rose to the challenge of keeping my fitness studio operating safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, with equipment disinfected between clients and a mask policy until the arrival of the vaccine. I have had clients thank me for allowing them to come work out during those difficult times, saying that it lifted their lives both mentally and physically.

This is the ethos I’m bringing to Blaze Fitness Studios: a safe, fun sanctuary for Sonoma residents to re-center their minds by training their bodies. I can provide a facility that is bigger, brighter, and even more packed with fun and challenging workout options. I can bring in trainers who share my passion for fitness and attentiveness to their individual clients.

Think this sounds like a good fit for you? I, and the rest of us like-minded staff at Blaze Fitness Studios, would love to have you stop by!

Rob Ramey – Founder of Blaze Fitness Studios